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New “Unofficial Edict” For WWE Employees For Next Saudi Arabia PPV

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (February 20, 2000) – WCW SuperBrawl 2000

On this day in Pro Wrestling history on February 20, 2000, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired their annual ‘WCW SuperBrawl’ event LIVE on PPV from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California.

This pay-per-view had the tagline “A Three-Way Dance for Heavyweight Gold!”.

The results were:

Vacant WCW Cruiserweight Championship: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea defeated Lash LeRoux

WCW Hardcore Championship: Brian Knobbs defeated Bam Bam Bigelow (c)

Handicap match: 3 Count defeated Norman Smiley

The Wall defeated The Demon

Leather Jacket on a Pole: Tank Abbott defeated Big Al

Big T defeated Booker T

Billy Kidman defeated Vampiro

Sicilian Stretcher match – WCW World Tag Team Championship: The Mamalukes (c) defeated David Flair & Crowbar

Texas Death match: Ric Flair defeated Terry Funk

Hulk Hogan defeated The Total Package

Three-Way – WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Sid Vicious (c) defeated Scott Hall and Jeff Jarrett

• New “Unofficial Edict” For WWE Employees For Next Saudi Arabia PPV

WWE Superstars faced major travel issues the last time they went to Saudi Arabia (for WWE Crown Jewel 2019 PPV).

Keeping that in mind, PWInsider is reporting that there’s a new “unofficial edict” for WWE employees this time when they go to Saudi Arabia (for next week’s WWE Super ShowDown 2020 PPV):

“I have been told that basically in the company there was an unofficial edict that stated like ‘We’re all going together, we’re all staying together, nobody is leaving early if there’s an issue, everybody is staying together.’

If you’re not a wrestler and you’re part of the support staff you’re not leaving until the wrestlers leave because there was some anger on the wrestlers’ end that some people who worked for the company left before the wrestlers did and the wrestlers got stuck.”

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