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Newspaper Takes A Shot At RAW – Encourages Readers To Stop Watching The Show


• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF New Generation Era Superstar Hakushi (Real name: Kensuke Shinzaki) turns 52 today.

He first started as a heel on WWF TV towards the end of 1994, accompanied by his manager Shinja (former Orient Express member Akio Sato), but would turn babyface around mid-1995 and continue to wrestle until going back to Japan in ealry 1996.

Hakushi is considered a Puroresu Legend in Japan, where he wrestled under the name Jinsei Shinzaki and is still doing so in 2018.


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• Newspaper Takes A Shot At RAW – Encourages Readers To Stop Watching The Show

Last week’s episode of RAW received a lot of bad reviews from fans online. Many fans claimed that it was the worst episode of RAW ever.

A fan even edited Milwaukee’s Wikipedia page and wrote the following (it was changed later):

“Milwaukee is the main cultural center of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. It is also the city where wrestling died during an episode of RAW that aired from Milwaukee on 11/26/2018.”

Popular German newspaper Bild Zeitung took major shots at last week’s RAW, calling it the worst WWE show ever and how the show lacked logic.

The newspaper also encouraged its readers to stop watching the show.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon got restless and wrote most of last week’s RAW script himself.

Vince wasn’t impressed with how RAW ended up being either and this resulted in him getting mad backstage at SmackDown the next night (tap here to read this story).

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