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No One In WWE Wants To Work With Charlotte Flair Now

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• No One In WWE Wants To Work With Charlotte Flair Now

After the title-swap controversy with Becky Lynch on Friday’s SmackDown, there is a lot of heat on Charlotte Flair.

Here’s what PWInsider reported:

“There is heat on Flair in certain circles for disrespecting Lynch and some who felt Flair took a segment that was supposed to build herself vs. Sasha Banks and instead put all the attention back on herself and Lynch when Banks was being placed in a position to be the top babyface for the SmackDown brand. There are some who felt this undermined Banks, whether that was a planned strategy or not.”

Becky confronted Charlotte backstage, but Becky has no heat because Charlotte pushed her by making her look stupid on TV by pulling the Title away from her:

“There is no heat on Lynch as it was seen as she was pushed to a boiling point, leading to her confronting Flair. Had it gotten physical, it may have been seen different but after, it was seen within the locker room as Lynch standing her ground and protecting herself after being pushed too far.”

Charlotte was escorted out of the arena by the security after SmackDown.

According to PWTorch, Becky became a “hero” backstage among female wrestlers, for standing up for herself.

They also reported that “No other woman wants to work with Charlotte now”, as she has become “increasingly difficult to work with.”

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• Old School Wrestling Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Veteran “The Italian Stallion” Gary Sabaugh celebrates his 64th birthday today.

As The Italian Stallion, he did televised jobs during the 80s & early 90s on NWA/WCW shows and even went on to wrestle in Japan in between.

In the mid-90s, Gary Sabaugh joined the World Wrestling Federation, where he was used as a ‘Jobber To The Stars’ again.

While working for the WWF, he helped bringing in The Hardy Boyz, Matt & Jeff Hardy, who later on became one of the most famous Tag Teams in pro wrestling history.


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