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Original Plan For Triple H At WrestleMania 38 Revealed

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• Original Plan For Triple H At WrestleMania 38 Revealed

During a recent interview with BT Sport, Old School WWF Legend Triple H – who is now the ‘Executive Vice President of Talent Relations’, ‘Head of Creative’ & ‘Chief Content Officer’ in WWE – revealed that there were plans for him to get physical at WrestleMania 38, if it wasn’t for his retirement from in-ring competition earlier this year, following a September 2021 ‘cardiac event’.

Here’s what Triple H had to say:

“Being back at WrestleMania, coming back, engaging back into it was awesome and amazing.

So I have a defibrillator in my chest which is clearly why I am not wrestling, and why I would never wrestle again. A lot of people ask me ‘Was I upset about that?’. The answer is ‘no’.

There was a plan for me to do something at WrestleMania that we had talked about. I was going to do something with Gable Steveson, and try to get him launched and get him going.”

This most likely wouldn’t have been a match, as Gable wasn’t ready in-ring wise at the time of WrestleMania 38.

‘The Game’ Triple H (fka Hunter Hearst Helmsley) wrestled for the WWF/WWE from his debut in 1995 until 2019 and is now a former 14-time World Champion (9 WWF/WWE Titles, 5 World Heavyweight Titles) and a 2-time Royal Rumble winner (2002 & 2016), among many other Titles he won during his long run.

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• Old School WWF Diva Would Have Celebrated Her Birthday

Today would have been the 53rd birthday of Old School WWF Attitude Era Diva “Mrs. Cleavage” Marianna (Real name: Marianna Komlos).

Mrs. Cleavage was brought on WWF TV in 1999 as part of the infamous “Beaver Cleavage” incest storyline, that was quickly dropped and she just became Chaz’s kayfabe girlfriend Marianna.

The female bodybuilder passed away from breast cancer in 2004, only a few weeks after her 35th birthday.


September 3, 1969 – September 26, 2004

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