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Paul Heyman Comments On Roman Reigns Defeating Brock Lesnar At WWE Crown Jewel 2021

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• Paul Heyman Comments On Roman Reigns Defeating Brock Lesnar At WWE Crown Jewel 2021

As seen in the main event of WWE Crown Jewel 2021, Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to retain the Universal Championship.

During the ending moments of the match, Paul Heyman threw the Universal Title in between Lesnar & Reigns, and they both grabbed it and Lesnar pulled it away.

The Usos came in and superkicked Lesnar. Reigns then hit Lesnar with the Title belt and pinned him to pick up the win!

After Crown Jewel went off the air, Lesnar said the following backstage:

“The moment I arrive at SmackDown, I will beat Roman Reigns senseless.”

Heyman wrote the following about Roman’s victory over Brock on Instagram:

“The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns over-delivers … because THAT is what a mega-star does.

Every. Single. Time.”


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• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 78th birthday of Old School WWF Veteran Bad News Brown (Real name: Allen Coage).

Known in other territories as Bad News Allen, the former Olympic Bronze Medal Winner (Judo) joined the World Wrestling Federation in early 1988 and stayed with the promotion till he left shortly before the Survivor Series 1990 PPV.

Bad News Brown’s replacement in ‘The Million Dollar Team’ for their classic Survivor Series elimination match, was none other than The Undertaker, who had his debut that night, replacing Bad News Brown, who had left a few weeks earlier.

Who knows how different things would have been, had Bad News not left the promotion at that point?


October 22, 1943 – † March 6, 2007

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