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RAW Commentator Says Fans Should Be Bowing Down To Michael Cole For His Recent Work In WWE

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Michael Cole has completely reinvented himself as a Commentator in the past 3 years and has made a lot of great calls, especially during The Bloodline angle.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon not passing him instructions as frequently as he used to has also helped Cole to sound more natural.

WWE RAW Lead Commentator Kevin Patrick is also a huge fan of Cole’s commentary and is very impressed with his work.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet at the premiere of Cody Rhodes’ documentary, Patrick had the following to say about Cole:

“If you’re not bowing down to Michael Cole right now and everything he’s done throughout the Bloodline storyline over the past 3-plus years, you should be because the level of storytelling and the depth of it — that’s the key here is peeling back that onion and going those extra layers.

Cole is just so stupidly special at it. He is. He had Pat McAfee, a totally different personality (from) Wade Barrett.

(They are) both incredible at what they do, yet Michael Cole has still managed to get the best out of everyone he sits next to.”

Michael Cole used to be a well respected journalist and reporter before joining Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation in 1997. He has provided play-by-play commentary ever since, for the past 26 years.

DX member The Road Dogg recently called Michael Cole this generation’s Jim Ross (tap here to read more).

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