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Reason Behind Drew McIntyre Losing The WWE Championship At Elimination Chamber 2021 (Spoiler)

Drew McIntyre Loses WWE Championship At Elimination Chamber 2021 No Way Out WrestleFeed App

• Reason Behind Drew McIntyre Losing The WWE Championship At Elimination Chamber 2021 (Spoiler)

As seen in the main event of Elimination Chamber 2021 pay-per-view, Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles, Sheamus, Jeff Hardy, Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton in an Elimination Chamber match to retain the WWE Championship.

Bobby Lashley speared McIntyre out of nowhere after the match and brutally assaulted him.

This led to The Miz running out and successfully cashing-in his Money In The Bank contract to win the WWE Championship and become a 2 time WWE Champion.

WWFOldSchool.com has been told that ever since McIntyre won the WWE Championship in front of 0 fans at WrestleMania 36 last year, there have been plans to give him his big moment once the fans are back in attendance.

Since WrestleMania 37 will have fans in attendance (WWE wants to have 30,000 fans on both nights of WrestleMania 37), that’s where WWE wants to give McIntyre his third WWE Championship win, and his first one in front of actual fans in attendance.

That’s why he won the Elimination Chamber match, got attacked by Lashley and then lost to The Miz, so he’s still protected despite losing the Title.

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• Old School Luchador Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Luchador Super Caló (Real name: Rafael García) celebrates his 50th birthday today.

After his debut in 1990, he joined the famous AAA (Asistencia Asesoría y Administración) promotion in his home country of Mexico, where he became a regular star during the 90s.

North American wrestling fans will mainly remember Super Caló for his time in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1996 until 1999.

Nowadays, he’s semi-retired, which means he’s still wrestling every now and then for special occasions.


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