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Recently Released WWE Superstar Defends The Use Of The Word ‘Diva’

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• Recently Released WWE Superstar Defends The Use Of The Word ‘Diva’

In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, former WWE wrestler Chelsea Green (who recently made her ROH debut) defended the use of the word Diva, a word WWE stopped using in 2016, when they started their so called Women’s Revolution.

Here’s what Zack Ryder’s fiancée had to say:

“I just feel like I belong in the Divas Era anyway, I don’t know that I would have been great because they were so hot, where it’s like a different kind of beauty now. Like they were just so sexy but I just feel like all of those women I get along with now so well and I just would have fit in perfectly there, you know?”

Okay, so, even from the minute I stepped foot in the ring in 2014. Everyone had put me in that box anyway because I was athletic, but I like to wear makeup, and I like to wear pink, and I liked the sparkles and like the glitz and the glam, and what initially attracted me to wrestling at all was Kelly Kelly…like the epitome of diva.

And so, I don’t necessarily think of Diva as something negative. I love it, it’s just the mix of the athletic side of things with like the sexy side and the glam side and things like that, and that’s just what I love about wrestling, aside from character work.

So, I really, and of course, I can say that I don’t think it’s a negative word because I wasn’t in the Diva Era either, so it’s easy for me to say that. Who knows what I would think if you had to put me in the ring 10 years ago? I might have had a bad taste in my mouth about it, but I love embracing the sexual side of me and the sexy side and like the confident side. And those are things that I just don’t think that we see as much anymore, but I love it.”

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