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Referee Recalls Getting Fired From WWE For Wearing A KISS T-Shirt

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• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (April 7, 1997) – WWF Monday Night RAW

On this day in 1997, the World Wrestling Federation aired another episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Monday Night RAW’.

It was broadcasted from the Worthen Arena in Muncie, Indiana and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF In Your House 14: Revenge of the Taker’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

1. Davey Boy Smith & Owen Hart vs. The Godwinns

2. Steve Austin vs. Billy Gunn

3. The Headbangers vs. Freddie Joe Floyd & Barry Horowitz

4. Ken Shamrock vs. Vernon White

5. Vader vs. Frank Stilleto

6. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Mankind

• Referee Recalls Getting Fired From WWE For Wearing A KISS T-Shirt

During a recent appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Referee Marty Elias recalled getting fired from WWE for wearing a T-Shirt of KISS rock band.

Below is what Marty said:

“In a nutshell, I was let go because I violated the company dress code. I wore a KISS t-shirt. I got to the building [and] unbeknownst to me, Johnny Ace and Kevin Dunn had seen me in a limo when they were waiting for Vince.

Kevin Dunn told Johnny I was out of dress code. I went to the building and I was doing my stooge duty where I had to check everybody in…and I went into catering and Johnny and Kevin and Mark Carrano were sitting at a table and Johnny saw me and goes ‘Marty, what the f*ck are you doing wearing a KISS t-shirt?’ And I said ‘I’m sorry, I just put it on.’

It was the last shirt that I had that was clean…I got a call and I remember Carrano telling me, ‘hey Johnny needs to talk to you’ so I call Johnny and Johnny goes, ‘I gotta let you go.’”

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