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Renee Young Reveals If She’ll Start An OnlyFans Account

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• Renee Young Reveals If She’ll Start An OnlyFans Account

During an interview with The MackMania Podcast, former WWE Commentator & Interviewer Renee Young talked about Social Media, OnlyFans & more.

Below are the highlights:

On if she still has to deal with creepy stuff on Social Media:

“I feel like I have had my quality filters on all of social media for so long that I kind of don’t see it that much anymore. I also don’t go through my DMs.

Like, I only see the ones from the people that I follow or if it’s someone with a blue checkmark or something. But otherwise, I don’t really see them. That is great peace of mind.

I couldn’t imagine being, ‘I wonder what’s in here,’ and scrolling through it. Because, like, ‘holy sh*t.’ It would either be people asking me weird questions about Jon, or like spewing hate at me, or like wanting a picture of my feet.”

On if she plans on starting an OnlyFans account like other wrestling stars:

“I don’t feel like my personality necessarily gels with that. Like, I don’t know. I think for the people that it works for, hell yeah. Get out there, make that money. Do the thing that makes you happy, by all means.

I just think if all of a sudden, I signed up for OnlyFans, people would be like, ‘no, I think I’m good.’ I don’t think I want you to see that. I don’t think that people need that sexier side of me.

Also, it’s like, I don’t know. There’s like a goofiness to me. Me doing, like, a legit sexy photo, I’m like sweating right now thinking about it. No one needs it.”

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