Return of the Demon: Kane’s Greatest Returns

Written By Our Guest Writer: Michael Patterson

It doesn’t get much more Old School than the Big Red Machine Kane. He has been a part of WWF/E for two decades and still puts on a great show today. Much like his brother, The Undertaker, Kane has outlasted the vast majority of superstars from his respective era. When we think of Kane, one thing most synonymous with him are his returns. Nobody makes a return quite like the Big Red Machine and let’s take a look at Kane’s Greatest Returns.

9. Demon Kane Returns to Attack Seth Rollins (2015)

The long, dragged out Corporate Kane angle highlighted what a genius Glenn Jacobs really is but it may have hurt the Kane character. However, after Corporate Kane was injured by Brock Lesnar and subsequently mocked by Seth Rollins, the Director of Operations disappeared from WWE. Months later at Night of Champions, the fires of hell descended upon Seth Rollins as the Demon Kane returned and sought revenge on his adversary. After two years of Corporate Kane, the demonic mask was a welcome sight. A great return for a guaranteed future Hall of Famer.

8. Kane Returns to Exact Revenge on The Wyatt Family (2013)

Upon losing to Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam, Kane was taken from the arena by the Wyatt Family and disappeared for months. In October at Hell In A Cell, the audience made their presence felt, chanting “We Want Kane!”. Well, their prayers were answered as Kane re-emerged to exact revenge on the Wyatt Family.

Getting the best crowd reactions he had in years, Kane could have had a legitimate push here. But unfortunately the next night WWE decided to turn him heel and go down the Corporate Kane route which practically killed the momentum.

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