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Rey Mysterio Talks About Not Wanting to be Obligated to WWE, Possible Return To WWE

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio talked about not wanting to be obligated to WWE, possible return to the company in the future & more.

Below are the highlights from the interview:

“My contract was coming to an end. I had been on the grind for so long, and even I was out for a long period of time due to surgery, I was constantly rehabbing. I never had the time to participate in my kids’ lives or be around my wife. So I really thought about it – I could be working until I’m 43, 44, or 45 years old, and keep on making money, but where is that going to leave me? I’ve already done good for myself, so I really needed a break.

I wanted to detach myself from having a certain obligation. I wanted to do things on my terms. I wanted to rest, I wanted to enjoy my kids. I wasn’t getting any younger, and my kids weren’t getting any younger. I weighed my options, and leaving WWE was a decision my wife and I made together.

I’m truly blessed to have a partner, a soulmate that’s been loyal and equal to me for all this time. She’s been a mother and a father throughout all the years me being on the grind, on the road. Now, I have control of my life and my career. Family has always been the number one importance in my life, and they’re the reason I decided I stepped away for a little while.”

Regarding a possible return to WWE in the future, Rey Mysterio had the following to say:

“I didn’t leave on bad terms. I left on good terms with WWE, so I don’t want to say never. They treated me very well, and I’m nothing but thankful with that company for letting Rey Mysterio be Rey Mysterio and be recognized worldwide. If the opportunity comes about in the future, and there is interest from both parties, then why not?”

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