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Ric Flair Explains Why He’ll Continue To Kiss WWE’s A$$

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• Ric Flair Explains Why He’ll Continue To Kiss WWE’s A$$

Ric Flair was recently added back to the WWE opening video package, after being replaced with The Ultimate Warrior back when Flair got heat for the Dark Side Of The Ring episode on The Plane Ride From Hell.

Flair then tweeted:

“The Most Hurtful Moment In My ENTIRE Career Was Losing My Spot. Thank You So Much For Giving Me Back My Dignity & My Life!”

On his podcast, The Nature Boy said the following about his relationship with WWE these days:

“Somebody telling me, somebody with no social media telling me in my social media said, ‘why are you kissing WWE’s a$$ for putting you back up on the screen?’ And I said because I’m thankful they did.

Who doesn’t want to be on the opening or RAW or SmackDown or the opening of a pay-per-view? What wrestler wouldn’t want that?

And I would continue to kiss WWE’s a$$ because Ashley (Charlotte Flair) works there and because they’ve given me the life I would never have had.”

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• Old School WWF Referee Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Referee Bill Alfonso (Real name: William Sierra) turns 65 today.

After working as a referee for the World Wrestling Federation during the early 90s, Bill Alfonso joined Paul Heyman’s ECW Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion in 1995 and soon became a manager, managing the likes of Taz, Sabu & “RVD” Rob Van Dam.

The last time we saw him was during the ECW One Night Stand 2005 & 2006 PPVs, as well as the TNA Hardcore Justice 2010 PPV. All 3 were ECW Tribute shows.


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