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Rikishi Looks Unrecognizable After Shaving His Head (Photo)

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Rikishi has shaved his head and looks completely different now

Former WWE wrestler and current IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts World Champion Naomi (Trinity) posted a photo on her Instagram story with her husband Jimmy Uso and father-in-law Rikishi.

The WWE Hall of Famer has shaved his head and looks unrecognizable:

Rikishi Shaves His Head Looks Unrecognizable Bald August 2023

UPDATE: Trinity clarified on Instagram that the person in the above photo is Rikishi’s brother. The confusion started when Trinity tagged Rikishi’s account in the original photo.

Naomi Trinity says Rikishi hasn't shaved his head and it's Rikishi's brother WrestleFeed App

During an interview with SK Wrestling, Rikishi was asked if he’d return to WWE TV to get involved in the ongoing Bloodline storyline.

Below is what he said:

“I would have to go silent on that one… Not until the time is right.”

After Jimmy turned his back on Jey Uso, rumors began that WWE will do Jey vs. Jimmy at next month’s Payback premium live event.

Rikishi then shared a promotional poster for a meet & greet event where he is booked, and the poster read “Come meet Rikishi before he referees at Payback.”

Rikishi shared the poster on his Instagram account. You can see it below:

Rikishi WWE Special Guest Referee At Payback 2023

This began rumors that Rikishi will be the special guest referee for Jey vs. Jimmy at Payback.

However, Jey vs. Jimmy is not happening at Payback, as WWE wants to hold it off for a bigger event.

Rikishi later tweeted the following about this:

“Wrong promoter mistake 🤣⬇️”

Jimmy will appear on this Friday’s SmackDown, while Jey has left WWE (according to the storyline).

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