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Roman Reigns’ Butt Grabbed By Fans At Recent Event

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• Old School WWF Attitude Era Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School UFC/MMA & WWF Attitude Era Legend “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock turns 55 today.

Shamrock became the first ever UFC World Heavyweight Champion (back then named “Ultimate Fighting Superfight Championship”) in 1995 and later joined the World Wrestling Federation in February 1997.

During his WWF career Ken won the Intercontinental Championship and the World Tag Team Championship, as well as the 1998 King of the Ring tournament.

In 2002, he had a brief stint in Total Nonstop Action, where he became the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Him getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is obviously just a matter of “when” and not “if”.


• Roman Reigns’ Butt Grabbed By Fans At Recent Event

As we noted before, former Universal Champion “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns recently appeared at World Of Wheels in Pittsburgh for a signing session and drew a huge crowd.

Fans noted that some people were turned away by the huge crowd that came to meet Roman.

Reigns received a big ovation when he got on the stage and people went crazy as well. You can watch it below:

However, not everything went according to plan at this event.

Some fans grabbed Reigns’ butt and kissed him at this event. After this incident, fans were banned from touching Roman during the meet & greet session.

This wasn’t the first time Reigns was “grabbed” by fans.

During an interview with Complex in 2015, Reigns said that a female fan grabbed his crotch during his ring entrance:

“This week was a crazy week it seemed like. I actually got groped in the crotch area this week. It was such a wild week, man. I’ve had people grab my butt. But there was a daring chick, it was either in Victoria or Vancouver—those people are wild up there [Laughs]. They love their wrestlers. Please. Please. My rig is not apart of the show. I’m going out there to wrestle, not get felt up. So please, I’m a married man. Show a little respect.”

Below is a video of a female fan touching Roman Reigns in an unusual way and then getting excited:

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