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Roman Reigns Is In An Upcoming Movie With Keanu Reeves (Details)

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The record-setting 1,316-day Undisputed WWE Universal Championship reign of Roman Reigns is over. However, The Tribal Chief isn’t taking rest and is back training at the gym already.

He posted a video of him doing cardio and wrote the following:

“Yesterday I mourned.

Today is Day 1.”

He’s also preparing for his eventual transition to Hollywood, as actress Keke Palmer shared the following image on her Snapchat story of Roman at a photo shoot:

Roman Reigns Hollywood Photoshoot Lauren Keke Palmer After WWE WrestleMania 40 loss

In an update, the above photo is from an upcoming comedy film called “Good Fortune”, which Roman will be a part of.

Below are the other cast members:

– Keanu Reeves

– Aziz Ansari

– Seth Rogen

– Keke Palmer

– Sandra Oh

Below is the premise of the movie:

“Gabriel (Keanu Reeves) is the “literal guardian angel” for a man down on his luck (Aziz Ansari), who does odd jobs for a wealthy socialite named Jeff (Seth Rogen).

One day, he falls asleep in a booth at a Denny’s restaurant, and hits rock-bottom after subsequently having his car towed from their parking lot. Intervening in his plight, Gabriel tries to convince the man that being wealthy like Jeff would not solve his problems by swapping the two men’s lives.

Failing at this demonstration as the man’s problems are solved by Jeff’s wealth, Gabriel loses his wings and the man takes over Jeff’s body and livelihood.

Gabriel then becomes roommates with the displaced Jeff whilst the work he did as an angel begins to unravel around them.”

As of this writing, Roman’s next WWE appearance might be in a few months from now, as he is currently being advertised for the final SmackDown before SummerSlam 2024.

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