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8. Paige’s Family Hating Alberto Del Rio?

According to various exclusive sources, Paige’s family is all but happy about her relationship with former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, as they feel he is ruining her WWE career.

Paige is accompanying Alberto El Patron and his brother El Hijo de Dos Caras (former NXT Wrestler Memo Montenegro) backstage on his upcoming european tour and we got told that the well known european Tag Team The UK Hooligans, Paige’s brothers Roy Bevis & Zak Zodiac, have cancelled some shows to avoid being in the same locker room as Alberto.

Alberto Del Rio Involved In A Brutal Backstage Fight Over Paige

Alberto Del Rio Involved In A Brutal Backstage Fight Over Paige

It’s been said that the 2 legitimate tough guys literally hate Del Rio for being a bad influence on Paige and possibly costing her her WWE career.

Paige doesn’t seem to care though as she’s so deeply in love with Alberto, it’s not even funny anymore. It’s almost like she’s submissively dependent on him.

Paige is currently out with an injury and there’s no update on when (or if?) she’ll be back on WWE TV.

Stay tuned for more details on this.

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