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Teddy Long Recalls Being Called The N-Word By A Wrestling Legend

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• Teddy Long Recalls Being Called The N-Word By A Wrestling Legend

WWE Hall Of Famer ‘JBL’ John Bradshaw Layfield recently had fellow legends Gerald Brisco & Teddy Long as guests on his podcast, where they talked about various subjects, including the existence of racism in professional wrestling.

Teddy Long went on to tell a shocking story about an Old School Wrestling Legend calling him the N-word.

Here’s what the former SmackDown! General Manager said:

“A lot of people thought that Thunderbolt Patterson, him being the black guy, he would stand up for the black wrestlers.

Well, that wasn’t true, he didn’t care about us either. He was all about himself because one night, one day that we had a meeting, it was me, Thunderbolt Patterson and Ole Anderson and Ole was the grand wizard, he would call you the N-word, even if he knew your name, he didn’t give a sh*t.

So the next thing we went and had this meeting, so Ole says to Thunderbolt, ‘Hey Thunderbolt, how many N*****s you think we need on the card?’ and Thunderbolt looked over at him and looked at me and he told Ole, ‘Well boss, I’m gonna be the only N****r on the card’.

That’s a true story.”

You can watch him telling the story right here:

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This episode included pre-taped matches & interviews featuring the 1986 WWF Superstars.

You can find the card below:

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