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“That was super cool because he cared” – ECW Legend On John Cena Taking Permission To Use His Finisher

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• “That was super cool because he cared” – ECW Legend On John Cena Taking Permission To Use His Finisher

On a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Old School ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer talked about WWE Legend John Cena, with whom he worked in WWE together from 2002 until 2009 and again in 2015 & 2016.

Apparently Cena asked Tommy to use the famous Spicolli Driver (named after WWF/ECW/WCW Veteran Louie Spicolli), but eventually ended up using a different variant of a Fireman’s Carry Takedown, which he called the F-U, but later renamed it Attitude Adjustment (or short ‘AA’), because of the infamous PG-Rating.

Here’s what Dreamer had to say about John Cena:

“I was blessed to work with John. It kind of was my deal when I worked with WWE. I worked with everyone when they first started on the road. John was always a professional.

I’ll tell you what stood out because this business is all about respect. It really is. Early on when [WWE] first wanted to push John, he came to me and said, ‘They suggested in the meeting to use your finish as my finish. I wanted to come to you. If you don’t want me to do it, I won’t do it.’

I was like, ‘I appreciate you so much for coming to me. I’m not winning with it and obviously they want you to do it, so run with it.’

Just to come to another person and say that, was super cool because he cared when he didn’t have to care.”

John Cena returned on this past Monday’s episode of RAW to celebrate his 20th WWE anniversary.

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• WWF Attitude Era Celebrity Celebrates His Birthday

WWF Attitude Era Celebrity “Iron” Mike Tyson turns 56 today.

In 1998, he was a part of the ‘Stone Cold vs. DX’ feud, including appearances at the Royal Rumble & WrestleMania XIV, a storyline that is considered to be partially responsible for the WWF breaking WCW’s 84 week monday night TV-rating winning streak.

In 2012, Mike Tyson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by DX members Shawn Michaels & Triple H.


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