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The Rock’s Daughter Cuts Her 1st Ever In-Ring Promo In WWE – Reveals Her Nickname

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• The Rock’s Daughter Cuts Her 1st Ever In-Ring Promo In WWE – Reveals Her Nickname

WWE signed Simone Johnson, The Rock’s daughter, in February 2020 at the age of 18.

She hasn’t made her debut on WWE NXT TV yet, as she’ll still training.

WWE has given her a new name and it’s Ava Raine.

She issued the following statement about this change on Twitter:

“I probably sound like a broken record & hopefully, this is the last I’ll mention this but I don’t understand why people being portrayed as separate individuals from their family name is such a heated topic.

A name doesn’t discredit any prior accomplishments from any family.

I could build my entire career around my father & people would still bash me anyway.”

At Saturday’s NXT Live Event in Orlando, Florida, Ava cut her 1st ever in-ring promo and talked smack about Cora Jade and the rest of the NXT women’s roster.

Also, she called herself “The Final Girl”.

Ever since she began training to become a pro-wrestler, Ava Raine has already undergone 3 knee surgeries.

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Sabu & Mikey Whipwreck were working twice that night, once together, challenging for the Tag Team titles and then later on in singles matches against different opponents.

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The Gangstas wrestled Samoan Gangstas Party to a no-contest

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The Dudley Brothers defeated The F.B.I.

Tarzan Goto defeated Axl Rotten

ECW World Television Championship: Shane Douglas defeated Chris Jericho, 2 Cold Scorpio and Pitbull #2

Sabu defeated Louie Spicolli

Steel Cage: The Sandman, Terry Gordy & Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven, Brian Lee & Stevie Richards

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