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“They Weren’t Interested” – Attitude Era Legend On Contacting WWE For Royal Rumble 2022 Return

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• “They Weren’t Interested” – Attitude Era Legend On Contacting WWE For Royal Rumble 2022 Return

WWF Attitude Era Superstar X-Pac appeared on an episode of WWE’s The Bump in December 2021, where he revealed that he has been cleared to wrestle again.

When asked how did 2021 go for him, X-Pac replied:

“It’s going great. My surgeon gave me the go-ahead, I just got the green light to get back in the ring.”

When asked what his plans are for 2022, he said:

“I’m just going to get into better and better shape. I’ll be ring ready at the beginning of next year, and in case my phone rings!”

A few weeks back, before Royal Rumble 2022, X-Pac made his return at The WRLD on GCW event.

You can watch it below:

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, X-Pac revealed that he contacted WWE and told them he’s physically ready to get in the ring if they want him as a surprise entrant in the Men’s Royal Rumble 2022 match, but they weren’t interested:

“As far as the Royal Rumble, I gave them a heads up I’d be ready if they wanted me. I wasn’t actively campaigning for it. I wasn’t going to do that. But I let them know, and I guess they weren’t interested.”

X-Pac announced in 2020 that he has been cured of Hepatitis C. He also underwent a surgery to repair his torn ACL.

Sean Waltman (age 49) is a 2-time WWE Hall of Famer (as a member of DX and nWo). His last match took place in 2019, which was on the indy scene. His last match in WWE took place in July 2002, on Monday Night RAW.

He’s scheduled to return to in-ring action on February 25th, where he will team up with Joey Janela to take on the team of Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder) and Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) at GCW’s Welcome to Heartbreak event.

Below is what X-Pac said about his return to the ring:

“I want to go out on my terms. My last matches, I was going through the greatest hits. It was all nostalgia. This is going to be different.”

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