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“Those things have a lot of value” – RAW Wrestler On What Goldberg Said To Him At SummerSlam 2021

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• “Those things have a lot of value” – RAW Wrestler On What Goldberg Said To Him At SummerSlam 2021

At SummerSlam 2021, Damian Priest defeated Sheamus to win the United States Championship.

This was Damian’s 1st ever Title win on the WWE main roster.

During a recent interview with ViBe & Wrestling, Priest was asked how WWE Legends are backstage and here’s what he said:

“Actually, most of them are private but not in a negative way.

For example, Goldberg, the last time I saw him he came to greet me when I won the Championship, and before his match, he gave me a hug and congratulated me, he told me that he was happy for me and all that and we did not know each other.

Those things have a lot of value because a legend like Goldberg doesn’t have to say a word to me. What does it mean for him? Nothing and for me, it is a world.

Edge also congratulated me and gave me a hug and told me that he was happy for me. They are people that I saw on TV when I was young, and now I have them there, and they give me advice and help me, and it is incredible for me.

I don’t know how I got to this place, but I am very happy to be able to share conversations with these legends.”

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (September 6, 1988) – Old School Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 1988, we lost Old School Wrestling Veteran “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown (Real name: Roland Daniels) at the young age of 37 due to a heart attack.

He wrestled for several territories such as Georgia Championship Wrestling and Jim Crockett Promotions, among many others.

He also competed at the ‘NWA Starrcade 1984’ event under the name Elijah Akeem, as one half of The Zambuie Express.


November 30, 1950 – September 6, 1988

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