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Top AEW Star Thinks Social Media Trolls Aren’t Real Wrestling Fans

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Former AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. went head-to-head with Taya Valkyrie on last week’s episode of Dynamite.

The match between the two women received a lot of criticism from the fans. Taya Valkyrie got so much hate that she had to respond to it on Twitter.

Speaking to TV Insider, Britt revealed what she told Taya about the criticism their match received and gave her opinion on social media trolls.

“I told her when she first got here to AEW that fans, whether they be WWE diehard supporters or just AEW haters, are very passionate in a brutal way on social media.

I get it every single week if I’m on TV or not. It’s relentless. It’s to the point where I open Twitter and 85 percent or more is negative. It’s really sad and disheartening, but you have to put everything in perspective.

When I come out, the fans are so excited to see me. They are chanting ‘D.M.D.’ the whole time. I see it as I can’t hear these Twitter trolls because these D.M.D chants are so loud.

When I come to comic conventions, there are these fans that are so grateful to meet me and be able to talk about AEW and what it means to them. That’s the stuff that means a lot to me. Those are the real fans. They are paying to come to the shows. They are enjoying the show. Not people who get on social media to troll.

There are literally people who invest hours and hours in their days to make troll accounts for what reason? I’m such a driven and motivated person I can’t imagine that my goal is to make everyone else’s lives miserable or show flaws in people and what they can and can’t do.

It’s such an insane concept. I wish I could understand it. At the same time, what will be will be. We have the best fans on the planet. As loud as the trolls are, there are passionate fans too who are thankful to have AEW.”

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