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1. Another Hint Towards Goldberg’s Return Later This Year

After the post-WrestleMania 33 episode of Raw went off the air, former WWE Universal Champion Goldberg came out on a special edition of “Raw Talk” and announced that his current WWE run is over.

However, Goldberg noted that his run is over “for now” and that you never know what or who’s next! We noted later that Goldberg is expected to work next year’s WrestleMania 34 and he might work PPVs later this year as well.

A possible hint towards Goldberg’s return is that WWE still considers him a “Raw Superstar” and he was on a recent WWE poll about “Which Raw Superstar will hand Universal Champion Brock Lesnar his next defeat?”

Below are the results of that poll:

– Braun Strowman (28%)

– Roman Reigns (24%)

– Finn Balor (16%)

– No one! The Beast Incarnate isn’t losing another match (8%)

– Samoa Joe (6%)

– Goldberg (5%)

– Someone not named above (5%)

– Seth Rollins (4%)

– Bray Wyatt (2%)

– Dean Ambrose (1%)

We’ll keep you updated on Goldberg’s return.

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