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Top WWE Star Is Leaving Soon

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At last night’s WWE Money In The Bank 2023 premium live event, Shayna Baszler turned on her tag team partner Ronda Rousey and brutally assaulted her, and then left the match.

This resulted in Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez double-teaming Ronda and Liv pinning Rousey to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Rousey is scheduled to leave WWE soon and she wants to put over Shayna on her way out for introducing her to the world of wrestling:

“This was always the plan.The thing was that I was saying Ronda and Shayna were winning the Tag Team Titles, and then Ronda got hurt.

The thing is that I don’t know the date and it might be SummerSlam, it might be a little bit after. But the deal is Ronda has a hard-out, you know, I mean she gave a date, ‘This is my last date’, because I remember talking to somebody there and it’s like, well, you know, I know they’re gonna do this. And it’s like, I guess make the big match for WrestleMania.

And it’s like, no, it’s like her hard-out is long. They didn’t give me the date, but it’s like, it’s long before WrestleMania. So the point is, is that whatever it is that they’re planning to do… they’ve always, the whole tag team was to set up Ronda and Shayna doing a feud.

Ronda wanted to do this feud with Shayna. She got what she wanted. She’s always wanted to do it because Shayna’s the one who got her basically into pro wrestling.

Ronda was someone who watched it and sort of knew a little bit about it, but not, she wasn’t like a big pro wrestling fan.”

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