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Triple H Comments On Replacing Vince McMahon As The Head Of WWE Creative

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• Triple H Comments On Replacing Vince McMahon As The Head Of WWE Creative

While promoting SummerSlam 2022, WWE Hall Of Famer Triple H was asked about replacing Vince McMahon as the Head of Creative and how his WWE product will be different from the product that Vince was booking.

Below is what The Game said:

“You gotta watch the show. You gotta watch the show (laughs).

This is the longest-running stuff on TV, we say it all the time. RAW, SmackDown, SummerSlam, everything we’re doing.

There are a massive pair of shoes to fill that I’m trying in some way to step into, but I do not dream, for one second, that I can fill those shoes by myself. It’s going to take a lot of us. It’s going to take a team. It’s going to take everybody here to fill those shoes and continue on, but we will.

The intent is to continue the legacy of what has been going on, that made me fall in love with this business that [Vince McMahon] created and to take it to new levels. To take it to beyond where it is now.

The only way we’re going to do that is as a team. That’s with Steph, Nick Khan, myself, Kevin Dunn, everybody that is here. All this talent. The great, hardest working talent in the world.

I have no doubt in my mind that with this team, we can do it. Not an inkling of doubt. It’s just a lot of hard work and we’re all going to grind.

We have the greatest fans in the world and we’re going to make sure they get everything they want out of this product and then some.”

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March 5, 1953 – July 30, 2001

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