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Triple H Yelled At Former WWE Diva For Exposing Her Butt On TV

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• Triple H Yelled At Former WWE Diva For Exposing Her Butt On TV

On the September 2, 2014 episode of WWE Main Event, Layla & Summer Rae defeated Natalya & Rosa Mendes in a tag team match.

During this match, Layla accidentally pulled down Rosa’s shorts and Rosa’s butt was exposed on camera.

You can watch it below:

Triple H didn’t like this and both women got yelled at when they returned backstage.

Rosa said the following about this incident on Ring the Belle:

“I didn’t know what happened, so I get in the back and Triple H and [former Head of Talent Relations] Mark Carrano and everyone looked red and angry.

I’d never seen them that angry before, so I just start crying right when I get back because I think that they had thought that we had planned it because I think that is a planned kind of thing in certain matches in the indies or whatever.

She got yelled at, I got yelled at, but I’m like, ‘Literally, I did not know,’ and then she got really yelled at. I said, ‘Listen, we didn’t plan this,’ and it was all taken care of after.”

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• Old School Tag Team Wrestling Legend Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 87th birthday of Old School WWF Tag Team Wrestling Legend Blackjack Lanza (Real name: John Lanza).

Together with his Tag Team partner Blackjack Mulligan, he formed the legendary Old School Wrestling Tag Team ‘The Blackjacks’, a Team that won World Tag Team titles in various promotions such as the WWWF and Verne Gagne’s AWA.

After Blackjack Lanza retired, he started to work for Vince McMahon Jr.’s World Wrestling Federation as a road agent.

In 2006, The Blackjacks were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by their former manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.


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