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The Undertaker Announces He’s Entering The Royal Rumble 2017 Match, Raw Star Suffers Multiple Contusions, Shawn Michaels Superkicks “Bulgarian George Clooney” on Raw, Shaq Begins Training For WrestleMania 33

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8. Sami Zayn Suffers Multiple Contusions

WWE is playing an injury storyline with Raw wrestler Sami Zayn and below is what they posted:

Sami Zayn suffers multiple injuries at the hands of Braun Strowman

Suffering multiple contusions and injuries at the hands of Braun Strowman last Monday night, Sami Zayn is not cleared to compete tonight on Raw and will not be appearing on Raw tonight in New Orleans.

He is expected to be back next Monday. It’s a testament to Zayn’s guts and courage that he will only be out of action one week following such a brutal match against The Monster Among Men.

Sami Zayn was taken to a nearby medical facility to check for potential injuries following his Last Man Standing Match with Braun Strowman, has learned. After defeating The Underdog from the Underground on the first Raw of 2017, The Monster Among Men deliberately broke the referee’s 10-count multiple times to inflict more pain on Zayn. After the onslaught, Zayn was rushed to a medical facility in the Tampa, Fla., area.

The indomitable Zayn continued to get back on his feet throughout the matchup, refusing to back down from the seemingly indestructible Strowman.

How will the Underdog from the Underground respond to his crushing defeat? And given the damage Strowman inflicted, will the up-and-coming Zayn ever be able to step back between the ropes again?

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