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8. Jim Ross Talks About Nia Jax Getting The Braun Strowman Treatment

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross reviewed Raw during his latest blog entry on his website. JR talked about the duo of Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho being too entertaining to be booed, Nia Jax getting the Braun Strowman treatment & more.

Below are the highlights:

Admire the WWE talents involved in the WWE Tag Team scene in WWE for their continued efforts to make that facet of WWE more main event relevant.

Are KO and Jericho too entertaining to be fiercely booed as villains? Some may argue that point but nonetheless I enjoy their antics.

Nia Jax is getting the Braun Strowman treatment which is the same tried and true method smart promoters over the years have utilized to get larger than normal talents established or “over” in rasslin jargon.

I like the direction and philosophy of building ‘monster heels’ even though Strowman will be hard pressed to remain such.

Bayley and Charlotte was a preview of bigger things to come for these two who should continue to raise the bar as it relates to in ring performances for their gender.

Good to see Neville perhaps tweaking his in ring style so as to not continue to work totally as a fan favorite when he’s being cast to be a villain. The WWE Cruiserweight scene is a work in progress division that is going to take getting one hot rivalry relevant to get people talking.

The entire roster can not ‘get over’ during this division’s infancy in WWE. 2-4 select Cruiserweights need to be anointed and ran with.

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