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Update On The AEW All Out Suspensions Because Of The Fight

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• Update On The AEW All Out Suspensions Because Of The Fight

After the AEW All Out 2022 PPV media scrum, a fight broke out backstage between CM Punk / Ace Steel and The Elite (Kenny Omega & Young Bucks).

Everyone involved in that fight, even the ones that tried to break it up, got suspended.

In an update to this situation, the people that tried to break the fight are no longer suspended.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported about it:

“Everybody involved, including those breaking up the fight, ended up being suspended by AEW. Essentially they were sent home and no one heard anything.

No contact between AEW and anybody that was sent home. They were all just sitting there. No idea what’s going on, just sitting.”

As of today, I don’t know everybody who is off suspension. But I believe that everybody who was involved in breaking up the fight is now off suspension.

I know that Pat Buck is off suspension, Brandon Cutler is off suspension and I think some other people were called today and they’re off suspension.

So right now, to the best of my knowledge, and there may be phone calls being made right now for all I know.

I believe that if you were involved in breaking it up, you are off suspension. But if you were actually involved in the fight, you are still on suspension.”

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