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5. John Morrison Reveals One Thing That Vince McMahon Said That Really Stuck With Him

During a recent appearance on Eric Bischoff’s “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, former WWE Superstar John Morrison revealed one thing that Vince McMahon said to him during his time in WWE that really stuck with him.

Bischoff asked Morrison what’s the most important thing he learned during his time in WWE and below is what he had to say:

I compute things now in terms on pro wrestling frequently. Certainly when it comes to writing film. You’ve got your shine, heat spot, comeback, falsey and then finish of the match. I compare that a lot to the same three act structure in film. It feels like in order to understand the relationships in movies, television and sporting events it’s all wrestling terms for me now. It’s kind of how I compute the world. The one thing that I really took away was something Vince McMahon said to me once that really stuck with me was, “Wrestling,” and in a broader sense television, “is all about emotions. That’s all it is. The whole point of entertainment and TV is to feel something.” It can be happy, sad, empathizing with someone you relate to, feeling triumphant when you watch someone you relate to overcome, wanting to be scared.

That really simple connection I feel is something that I think is frequently overlooked. When I get stuck in an acting role or writing or trying to decide if I should do something or not in any form of entertainment I usually go back to that simple thing that Vince told me that day and decide based on that. Will it support the story? Will it create an emotional response?

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