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Val Venis On Who Was Responsible For WWF RAW Losing Coca-Cola As An Advertiser

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During a recent appearance on an episode of JBL’s & Gerald Brisco’s weekly ‘Stories with Bradshaw & Brisco’ podcast, WWF Attitude Era Veteran Val Venis revealed that he actually enjoyed his time as a member of the infamous Right To Censor faction.

He also talked about WWF RAW losing Coca-Cola as an advertiser.

Here’s what Venis had to say about his time in the stable:

“It was great. I think more it was that point in time and I’m sure you recall this, the Parental Television Council was attacking our advertisers.

I think they got Coca-Cola to pull out of advertising WWF RAW, so it was something Vince was concerned about.

From what I saw, I don’t know why it didn’t last longer than it did. It was a hell of a group.

I sweat like a mofo when I work. And it’s easy to wash a set of kneepads and trunks every night after work, but to wash long pants and a shirt, it was brutal.”

Val Venis wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation (later WWE) for 10 years, from 1998 until 2008 and was eventually fired in January 2009.

The Right to Censor was a faction on WWF TV, that existed from mid-2000 until mid-2001 and included Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, The Goodfather, Val Venis and Ivory.

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