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Velveteen Dream Accused Of Being A Child Predator (Details)

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• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (June 19, 1999) – WWF Shotgun Saturday Night

On this day in 1999, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Shotgun Saturday Night ‘.

It was pre-taped at the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts and featured mid-card matches & highlight videos on the road to the ‘WWF King of the Ring 1999’ PPV.

This episode was hosted by Vince McMahon & Jim Ross.

Here’s the card:

– The Big Boss Man vs. The Blue Meanie

– Test vs. Prince Albert

– The Road Dogg vs. Meat

• Velveteen Dream Accused Of Being A Child Predator (Details)

WWE NXT wrestler Velveteen Dream is once again facing allegations of being a pedophile, but this time, things are more serious. An Indy wrestler named Josh Fuller has come forward to share a story about Dream being a child predator.

Below is what he wrote:

“I’ve been wanting to release this message ever since his accusations a few months back. I feel terrible not speaking up until now, but there is no doubt in my mind that Velveteen Dream attempted to groom his teenage accusers.

I met Patrick right after he left Tough Enough at an indie show and he told me to add him on Facebook. I was 16 at the time and he was 19. One day he video called me out of nowhere and then sent me his number afterwards. We would then become friends at least I’d thought and would frequently FaceTime after his NXT house shows.

He was always really secretive and paranoid about me telling people I knew him. I always had a really uneasy feeling when I would talk to him as he spoke very manipulatively and aggressively. There weren’t any direct advances made at that time but everybody I spoke to would tell me he was trying to come onto me.

We stopped speaking for a while and then recently we reconnected. He even took me to his old training school a year ago and attempted to be a mentor figure. My last interaction with him was a FaceTime call with him where he had insisted that I show off my body to him, saying he wanted to see my progress in the gym. I took my shirt off but reluctantly and felt really uncomfortable about it. He then referenced wanting to see my lower body as well, to which I declined. Upon leaving that call I had realized that I had still been on discord with a few friends of mine to which they’d immediately acknowledged that they heard everything of me being harassed. I’ve worn that shame for the past few months and have felt very taken advantage of ever since.

Upon hearing the recent claims on him, I was immediately heart broken for the victims as many of the conversations I’d seen were conversations that he had with myself, such as wanting to get them in shape so he could help them get to WWE.

I would like to say that Patrick was never directly sexual to me, however I have since day one been very on edge around him. He would constantly promise me things such as getting me into WWE someday and I genuinely looked up to him as a role model. He promised the same things to these kids and then used his fame to sexually harass them, thinking that they wouldn’t speak up because of it. These kids were incredibly brave at the ages of 15, 16, and 17 to speak up on what they experienced and watching countless people on here call them liars has been making me sick.

I wish that I would have posted things earlier, but I was terrified that my wrestling career would be in jeopardy if I was to speak up. That was foolish of me and we can’t let people like this succeed. Patrick Clark is a child predator and should not be succeeding in the wrestling business.

I 1000% believe the victims who would like to stay anonymous. After seeing everything take place months ago, I immediately reached out to one of their Instagram accounts. He then added me to a group chat with other people he had harassed. I can confirm the phone number that they have given to me was indeed him. Defending those that have been accused simply because of they’re a ‘celebrity’ is a bullshit mindset and needs to change.”

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