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Vince McMahon Encouraged WWE Hall Of Famer To Do Ster-ids

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During a recent episode of his weekly ‘Everybody’s God A Pod’ podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. revealed that he used anabolic steroids during his time in Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation.

When he came in from Bill Watts’ Mid-South Wrestling territory (already called the UWF at that time) in 1987, Ted was all natural, but not very muscular yet.

However, once Vince McMahon gave him one of the absolute greatest gimmicks in professional wrestling history, The Million Dollar Man, the WWF promoter also suggested that DiBiase should grow bigger, which was obviously a cue for enhancing his physique with some help.

Here’s what Ted DiBiase had to say:

“When I was in Mid-South. I was very cautious because, especially when you start to stick things in your body and how it’s going to react to it and all that. I was fairly cautious, but yeah, a little bit.

And I say a little bit because it just helped. It just helped enhance my look. But I wasn’t against a lot of guys. What or who am I thinking of? The Ultimate Warrior? Yep. Oh my gosh. And, of course, that’s all he had was a body. And I don’t know how much his steroid use had to do with his death.

At the beginning, I can remember the one thing Vince said to me as he said, ‘Teddy, I want you to look a little more visible in the gym.’ And I got the message.

I may have at the beginning taken some like testosterone, but I only took it as a kick of what I was doing, and I did not continue to take it. Just personally, I was afraid to do that. I don’t know, it’s kind of like you can do anything, and like you just said, that may have contributed to the Warrior’s death, I don’t know.”

DiBiase wrestled for the WWF from May 1987 to August 1993 and retired from the sport of professional wrestling soon thereafter, but returned to the WWF in January 1994 and worked as an on-screen manager, who even had his own stable ‘The Million Dollar Corporation’ until he left the promotion in May 1996 to join Ted Turner’s WCW a few months later.

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