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“We got to beat up The Rock and Stone Cold” – AEW Tag Team

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• “We got to beat up The Rock and Stone Cold” – AEW Tag Team

AEW wrestlers Colten & Austin Gunn (Gunn Club), sons of WWE Hall Of Famer Billy Gunn, recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and talked about their childhood days.

Below are the highlights:

On if they were allowed to watch their dad on TV:

Austin: “We weren’t allowed to watch it.”

Colten: “Because the Attitude Era was going on and my dad’s on TV saying, ‘Suck It.’ My mom, if he had a match, she would kind of let us watch a little bit, but we weren’t sitting there watching the two hour RAW.”

On if they attended WWF shows:

Colten: “We used to go to the shows a lot actually. Dad took us on the road quite a bit, especially when we were on summer break for school. We always used to go and mess around in the ring all the time.”

Austin: “Vince [McMahon] would kick us out all the time. All the time.”

On favorite memories from those visits:

Colten: “I actually have a vivid memory, two actually, of me and Austin [Gunn] in the ring, and they started playing everyone’s music and they all started running to the ring. Me and Austin [Gunn] are just cleaning house. We’re like 8 years old giving a great comeback, getting on the top, doing the ‘Suck It’ or whatever. It’s nuts.

Dustin Rhodes, you know the giant swing? He did that to me when I was young, and I just, for some reason, still remember it because it sucked so bad. I got so dizzy. I’m like, ‘That was so mean.’ I don’t know why I couldn’t forget that.”

Austin: “I just remember always being afraid of The Undertaker and Kane. I was just so little at that time, and I didn’t understand the concept of wrestling. I just knew that we were at Dad’s work, and we got to beat up The Rock and Stone Cold and I was more interested in that and seeing them because they’re larger than life personalities and so welcoming.

And then whenever Undertaker and Kane came around the corner, I would just start crying and hide behind my mom. And later in life, they’re just the nicest people ever. I think my first wrestling spot was with AJ Styles, did a hurricanrana around the body 5 times because I was so small. That was when dad was in TNA.”

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