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“What’s wrong with having a side business and making more money?” – Mandy Rose On WWE Firing Her For OnlyFans Content

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Former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose lost her title to Roxanne Perez back in December 2022 and was released by WWE the day after she lost the title.

She was fired for running a FanTime website, where she was selling adult content.

Speaking on the Power Alphas podcast, she discussed her release from WWE and running side businesses like a FanTime account (now switched to OnlyFans), a skin care line and DaMandyz Donutz with Sonya Deville.

“I can’t explain what made me do this. I’ve always been business savvy, I’ve always had my independent business on the side, my skin care line, our (her and Tino Sabbatelli) business that we’re in together. My biggest thing, from the moment that I first started with WWE, is that I always wanted to make sure that I have my brand, I build my brand, I build my social media, so I know I have something when this is all over.

Plan for the future because I know they don’t do much of that. I always had that vision of ‘what can I get into here? What can I do here? Am I allowed to do this?’ Out of most of the women, I would say I was always trying to do different things, and everyone knows that. Why not? What’s wrong with doing that? What’s wrong with me trying to have a side business and make more money and build my brand, but also, it’s going to help your brand as well as a collaboration.

The bigger I get, I’m on different things, wouldn’t you guys want to use that as well? I never understood all that, but that’s okay. I did extremely well on my FanTime platform, I get released, I do extremely well.

It is kind of silly, but that’s what the headline was. People wanted to see what was going on. Obviously, that’s just how it worked out and panned out. We couldn’t plan this if we tried. I’m grateful and blessed. It’s all about owning your own brand and that’s why I went on Tamron Hall.

We do so much for ourselves and train so hard and work, and the grind, but at the end of the day, if you’re giving everything to everyone else and not owning your own brand and monetizing from it, what do you have? You’ll get used and abused. This isn’t just wrestling, it’s any federation or sport.”

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