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What’s WWE’s Biggest Problem According To Lana?

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• What’s WWE’s Biggest Problem According To Lana?

During her recent appearance on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Lana talked about WWE splitting her with Rusev to pair her up with Dolph Ziggler in a romantic storyline, and later being involved with Bobby Lashley.

Here’s what The Ravishing Russian said:

“Knowing what I know now, it might have been premature. You can do whatever you want. I think the biggest problem, in my opinion, in WWE is they just don’t follow through with stories, and so when they do follow through stories, it’s great and everyone is excited. Even if they hate it in the beginning, by the end or a couple years later, they’ll be like, that was f**king awesome!

But it’s not following through that, I think, frustrates the fans and frustrates the talent. There was follow through with winning that whole year, and then we broke up, which we could have milked it a little bit longer, but at the end of the day, romance stories, I know the smart marks don’t like the romance stories but the arena’s, the fans resonate with relationship stories. They always do numbers.

There’s a lot of reasons why people might have not been happy with it. There wasn’t follow through, and Bobby Lashley, I’m actually quite grateful for that he spoke out about this a lot on a lot of podcasts. He didn’t feel like they had the proper match, him and Miro. It was great relationship storytelling, and for months, huge, amazing segments they gave us and valuable television time.

And that’s awesome, but at the end of the day, this is pro wrestling, and we have to have the proper payoff in the ring. It’s not even just what I felt. Miro might not say this, but if Bobby, who is the champion right now in WWE, as well as a fighter is saying, hey, there wasn’t a proper resolve and match, we should have had more matches, I think is saying a lot.

Vince might have been getting bored, maybe, with the story and with the Dolph Ziggler story. Who’s to say, and then all of a sudden, you give him one reason to drop the ball and point the finger, that’s what’s going to happen.

That’s the problem with WWE programming right now is no follow through with stories period.”

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