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Why Ahmed Johnson Never Became WWF Champion

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Ahmed Johnson wrestled for the WWF from July 1995 until February 1998, but would later show up in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, where he was known as ‘Big T’ and formed the short-lived Tag Team known as ‘Harlem Heat 2000’ with Booker T’s brother Stevie Ray from January 2000 until he was fired from WCW in April 2000.

During his run with the World Wrestling Federation, Ahmed was viewed as ‘The Next Big Thing’ by a lot of people and was pushed to the moon for a while, so everyone thought he would become the WWF Champion sooner or later.

Sure, he was very injury prone and also injured several opponents, but why didn’t he learn how to evolve and learn how to be a safe professional in the ring for himself and his opponents?

During a recent episode of ‘Something To Wrestle With’, Bruce Prichard revealed what eventually held the big powerhouse wrestler back:

“We actually were looking at Ahmed possibly to be the champion. I think that there was enough there that we definitely could’ve pulled that off.

It was an animal magnetism, man. It was raw, and it was genuine, the audience believed in him and looked at him as ‘this guy’s real’.

I think that Ahmed was probably the number one person holding Ahmed back. Some guys can’t handle the spotlight. He believed the hype, and there was a lot of hype there to believe, but at some point, you have to deliver.

I think that Ahmed – if his head was on right – would have been a megastar, much bigger than he ever was.”

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