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8. Randy Orton Wants To Wrestle For 10 More Years, Ric Flair Partying With Dennis Rodman

During a recent appearance on the Main Event podcast, 12 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion and current SmackDown Tag Team Champion Randy Orton was asked about his future and till when he plans to wrestle.

Below is what Orton said:

“For the immediate future and, s–t, for 10 more years, I would love to, if I’m able to, wrestle. This is what I enjoy doing. The day of a pay-per-view when you’re thinking of what you can do and then you get the payoff, the reward, that night. It’s a different animal.

That live audience is a different animal. You grow as a WWE Superstar and really appreciate the reactions we pull out of these fans.”

Below is pic of WCW/WWF Legend Ric Flair partying with former nWo member Dennis Rodman:

Ric Flair partying with Dennis Rodman - December 2016

Ric Flair partying with Dennis Rodman

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