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WWE Star Doesn’t Respect CM Punk As A Person

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During an interview on Evan Mack’s World, Drew McIntyre was told that some fans believe he wouldn’t be wrestling Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 40 had CM Punk not got injured.

McIntyre had the following to say about this:

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. It doesn’t mean that opinion’s right or wrong, but you know, I struggle to believe that Punk would be racking up the momentum I’ve racked up based on my work rather than based on my name value.

Like, you see, ‘I’m Punk. I got an incredible run with the company in the past.’ And people were so excited to see him back for the few weeks before he broke like glass.

But, you know, I’ve been putting in the work. I’ve been evolving the character. I feel like everything is hitting and I’m where I need to be, not just on television, but socially and the likes, and you can see it reflected in the numbers.

And I think he would not be surprised that if something is working, whatever the plans are, those plans can quickly change.”

When asked if he respects Punk, McIntyre said:

“No, not as a person. I understand he’s a big name, though. I understand he draws eyeballs. And that’s good for the rest of our roster.”

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