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WWF Legend Left The Company Because He Thought The Kliq Buried Him

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• WWF Legend Left The Company Because He Thought The Kliq Buried Him

On an episode of his weekly ‘Something To Wrestle With’ podcast, Bruce Prichard spoke about the WWF career of fellow Old School WWF Legend Bam Bam Bigelow and him eventually leaving the World Wrestling Federation in late 1995 after feeling he was buried by the Kliq.

Here’s what the former Brother Love said:

“I think that he was feeling and buying into the hype of, hey, the Kliq is really burying you. And he didn’t feel he had a way out.

I think that was one of those where Vince and I even told him, just do your sh*t, man. Go out and do your job and stop worrying about what the boys are telling you and what the boys are stirring in your head. Go out and do your sh*t.

He was like, ‘I just don’t think I can succeed here,’ and he wanted out. The fact that he was that uncomfortable, wanted out that bad, led to Vince saying, ‘okay, well, here you go [and gave him his release].”

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (September 20, 2019) – Old School WWF Veteran Passed Away

On this day in 2019, we lost Old School WWF Veteran “Fake Razor Ramon” Rick Bognar at the age of 49.

Rick Bognar played the infamous character of FAKE Razor Ramon, after the real Razor Ramon, Scott Hall, had left and went to WCW.

Bognar worked that gimmick from September 1996 till early 1997, before being let go by the World Wrestling Federation and going back to Japan, where he had already made a name for himself previously as ‘Big Titan’.


January 16, 1970 – September 20, 2019

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