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WWF Legend Reveals The Advice He Gives To AEW Wrestlers

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• WWF Legend Reveals The Advice He Gives To AEW Wrestlers

WWF Legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling as a Manager in 2020 and has been with the promotion since then.

Roberts is known for giving advice to the young up and coming talents on how they can improve their skills, both in and out of the ring.

As he explained on the latest episode of his and Diamond Dallas Page’s weekly ‘DDP Snake Pit’ podcast, Jake recently told the AEW Stars about how they can get better with their promos.

Here’s what the 2014 WWE Hall of Famer had to say:

“I just tell them not to be afraid to be different. I used to use a lot of subliminal thought stuff whenever I did interviews and I still believe in that stuff. I think it gets a hold of people.

You need to say something in your interview that grabs people and shakes them a little bit. Now you can do that, one way is by saying something that they know to be true or something that they’ve heard 1000 times, and then when you calmly say it, automatically their mind connection goes, ‘Yeah, I’ve heard that before.’

Whether it’s, ‘Don’t play with that boy at the end of the block, he’s a bad boy.’ You know, ‘Don’t eat this, it’s bad for you.’ ‘Don’t trust this kind of people, they’re no good.’ You’ve heard that before and your mind agrees with it without you knowing it.

If you say it in an interview, you’ve got the hook into them and they’re now following you. So that’s what I try to tell them. I don’t know if any of them get it. I hope they do. But yeah, the main thing is don’t be afraid to be different.

I basically had to come up with my interview style from necessity. Back in 1975, I got a knee dropped on my throat and I crushed my voice box. So this is as loud as I get.

If I tried to scream, nothing comes out. So I had to learn a different way to do it, but it certainly worked well for me and I’m so grateful for the man above to lead me down that road and show me something different.”

Jake Roberts also expressed his frustration about how AEW books former TNA Wrestler Lance Archer, whom he manages since 2020.

Here’s what Jake said:

“It is so frustrating for me to see Lance in the spot that he is in. He’s such a phenomenal athlete, he’s in such great shape, he’s got an unbelievable look. The only thing Lance doesn’t do really well is talk and that’s why they brought me.”

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