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2x WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks Rhea Ripley Will Surpass Anything Chyna Accomplished

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During an interview with WrestleBinge, 2-time WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels stated that he thinks current Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley will surpass Chyna and everything she accomplished.

Here’s what HBK had to say:

“Chyna was one of the rare and unique people. I think she changed the face of women’s wrestling in a big way.

So I guess I’ll always kind of be biased in respect to Chyna. I think she was unlike any others before her.

Rhea is absolutely one of my favorites. I knew it from the day I walked in to NXT that you could see that she was something special.

I’m not surprised one bit by her success on the main roster, and she’s still so very young.

She’s going to surpass certainly, respectfully, anything that Chyna accomplished, but I don’t think that will ever take away from what Joanie contributed to the WWE and this sport in general.“

What Shawn did here, was obviously putting the modern generation over as a business move, so it can not be taken too seriously, especially if we consider the fact that some of Chyna’s accomplishments can never be duplicated, let alone surpassed.

Chyna was the first woman to ever be in a Men’s Royal Rumble match in 1999, and the first woman to ever win a Men’s championship, when she became the WWF Intercontinental Champion at the No Mercy 1999 pay-per-view.

‘The 9th Wonder of the World’ passed away on April 17th 2016 at the age of 46 due to an accidental drug overdose.

She used to be the girlfriend of Triple H and even worked as his valet and his D-Generation X associate, but The Game eventually ended up leaving her for Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of WWF promoter Vince McMahon.

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