5 Mistakes WWF Made During The New Generation Era

5 Mistakes WWF Made During The New Generation Era

The World Wrestling Federation made a lot of mistakes during the New Generation Era, no doubt about it.

We have now listed 5 random mistakes they certainly made, with #1 being by far the WORST mistake anyone could make at that time. And they did regret it shortly thereafter …

5. Vader not becoming WWF Champion

Vader was the perfect invincible Monster Heel in 1996 and WWF SummerSlam 1996 was the perfect time for him to become World Champion.

But trust the Kliq to use their backstage power to prevent this from happening.

After that it went downhill for Vader and except for a spot in the 4 way main event at WWF In Your House 13 and a few other shows, Vader has been a mid-carder for the remainder of the New Generation Era.

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