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8 Things Fans Want To See In WWE 2K20

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Since taking over the license in 2013, 2K Sports has been turning out mostly humdrum WWE games hampered by frustrating mechanics, missing features, and a general lack of polish (The lazy WWE 2K18 left me unimpressed).

WWE 2K19 included some much-requested features, like a revamped story-driven MyCareer and the return of 2K Showcase mode, but was is it enough? 

2K has not been able to produce good wrestling games consistently. The only two which were worth playing are WWE 2K14 and WWE 2K19.

It’s obvious that WWE 2K20 will be coming out this year but it’s also surprising how 2K hasn’t announced anything about the game yet. Usually, the information starts being revealed during the start of summer.

Here are 8 things fans would like to see in WWE 2K20.

1. A New Gameplay Engine

This is something which 2K MUST work on because they have been using the same engine for the past 5 years. It just feels like a wrestling simulation even though they claim it as an “improved” version every year.

Also, despite the agonisingly-slow gameplay from 2K18 being quickened ever so slightly, the gameplay is still a little sticky overall. Other games offer up streamlined one or two-button control methods, and it’s time 2K followed suit.

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