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AEW Wrestler Almost Became Sister Abigail In WWE

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During an interview with Metro UK, former WWE wrestler & current AEW/ROH wrestler Mike Bennett (husband of Maria Kanellis) revealed that Vince McMahon had plans to bring Bray Wyatt’s puppets to life in 2019, as part of The Fiend’s presentation.

Bennett revealed that former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young was supposed to be one of the puppets, while he almost became Sister Abigail.

Below is what the former 24/7 Champion said:

“Early on when Bray Wyatt turned into The Fiend, Vince was always high on having Bray lead a group for some reason – he always wanted him to lead a group.

We were about a week away from making it happen where me and Eric Young were gonna be part of Bray Wyatt’s group.

We were gonna actually be – they were gonna bring to life the puppets. Each puppet was gonna represent an actual person.

I don’t remember, there were talks that I was gonna be Sister Abigail and Eric Young was gonna be a buzzard.”

Speaking of the Sister Abigail character, WWE once booked a match between “The Demon” Finn Balor and Sister Abigail at the TLC pay-per-view in October 2017. At that point, Wyatt was scheduled to play Sister Abigail under a mask / make-up.

The Demon King Finn Balor vs Sister Abigail Bray Wyatt - WWE TLC 2017

However, the match never took place as Wyatt was pulled from the event due to a viral disease, which was contagious and could affect others. It was rumored to be Mumps, but WWE did not confirm anything.

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