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Asuka Claims STARDOM Was Created To Destroy Her

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Asuka was one of the top pro wrestling stars in Japan, which led to WWE recruiting her and bringing her to NXT in 2015.

In a response to a fan on Twitter telling her to leave WWE and go back to Japan, Asuka shared multiple tweets and said that the Japanese media hates her because she doesn’t flatter them.

“I don’t flatter anyone. Even in Japan, the media hated me because I don’t flatter the media.

In Japan, everyone was flirting with the media except me. I fought the media alone to take care of my fans. That’s why some of the Japanese media still hates me.

That’s why I’ve always been a freelancer. And everyone in Japan knows I am anti-Joshi Pro. Always.”

The former WWE Women’s Champion then claimed in another tweet that STARDOM, an all Women’s Wrestling promotion in Japan, was created to defeat her and destroy her personally, but it failed to do so and she doesn’t know what happened to it because she came to America.

“The former editor-in-chief of Pro Wrestling Weekly has made this point on several occasions. That is, STARDOM is an organization that was created to defeat me.

It is an organization that was created to destroy me personally. But they failed to defeat me. I don’t know what happened to them after that because I came to America.”

Asuka then wrote that the media still hasn’t defeated her and named WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair as her biggest supporters.

“The media could not bring me down when I came to America. They must have really wanted me to fail. I am used to it because I have been fighting my critics alone since my days in Japan.

But now that I am here, I have comrades in arms. Charlotte, Becky, HHH and… I’ve walked alone in the wilderness all my life, and here I have an oasis. To the Asuka antis, I say, beat me up on the Internet all you want. I grab everything.

When I became champion, one media outlet asked wrestling fans, ‘Do you think she is good enough to be champion? Do you think she deserves to be champion?’ Compare me to other people. Do you think my abilities are inferior? Can you believe that? I was always fighting that media all by myself.”

In the end, she claimed that STARDOM has now changed and she knows some wrestlers that work there. She then expressed concerns for STARDOM’s Syuri and Mina Shirakawa, but did not state the reason behind it.

“What I just said is in the past. It was before I came to America. Now the organization has changed and there are few players I know. So, I don’t know anything about it, and good luck to everyone who’s trying their best. I’m especially concerned about Syuri and Shirakawa, that’s all.”

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