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Backup Plan For AEW Collision Debut Episode

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All Elite Wrestling has been building their new Saturday night TV show ‘AEW Collision’ around CM Punk, with his return expected on the show’s premiere on June 17.

However, the two sides are at odds over a misunderstanding regarding bringing back Ace Steel. Warner Bros. Discovery hopes the issue will be resolved within the next week.

AEW President Tony Khan is scheduled to announce the location of this show this Wednesday on Dynamite.

The Wrestling Observer reported that Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL is the backup plan should AEW not get on the same page with Punk and not hold it at the United Center in Chicago, IL:

“He said he’s gonna announce the location of the first show, June 17th. They do have the United Center booked. They are working on booking Daily’s Place.

In Daily’s Place, the people have been told it’s a backup plan. It’s not the A plan. So Chicago is still in place. So I think that the basic thing is, they either settle it, and he announces the United Center and Punk is back, or they don’t.

And if they don’t, I mean from my standpoint, I think that that’s got to be it. You should never say that because it’s never it. But this was a really bad situation the way it went down.”

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