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CM Punk Had An Altercation With Dolph Ziggler’s Brother In AEW

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CM Punk returned to AEW on the debut episode of Collision back in June, and he already had a confrontation with AEW’s Ryan Nemeth (WWE’s Dolph Ziggler’s brother) that night.

In Punk’s return promo, he referred to The Young Bucks as the “Counterfeit Bucks”, which didn’t go down well with Nemeth, and he sent out a tweet calling Punk the “the softest man alive.”

According to Fightful Select, Punk confronted Nemeth for his tweet on the night of his return, but there was no physicality between them, and Nemeth explained himself to Punk.

Nemeth, who regularly appears on The Elite’s YouTube channel, was flown in for Collision tapings this week, but after he got there, he was told that he was not needed and a flight was booked for him to fly back home.

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As we reported earlier, after Saturday’s Collision went off the air, Punk took a shot at “Hangman” Adam Page.

Punk called Page a “Peg Warmer” and said that Page can’t move merchandise or pop ratings or sell toys like him.

“Earlier today I went to a local supermarket and I figured out why they call him Hangman. It’s because the pegs in the toy isle are full of Hangman action figures ’cause nobody wants to buy ’em. He’s a peg warmer unlike me, who moves merchandise and pops ratings and sells toys.”

Punk also said that he’s the heart and soul of All Elite Wrestling and the “real” World Champion of the promotion.

You can watch Punk’s promo below:

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