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9. Heidenreich Talks About Brock Lesnar’s Explosive Strength

During a recent interview with Hannibal TV, former WWE wrestler Heidenreich talked about working with the current WWE Universal Champion “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar back in the day.

Below is what he had to say about working with Lesnar:

“I worked with him one time, I always tell this story, he gave me a belly-to-back suplex which I’ve taken before. But I’ve never had anyone just pick me up and like hold me. It felt like a rollercoaster, you know when you’re at the top and it’s like click click click click click, he hooked me and went up and it was like slow motion. That’s how strong he was. I was like ‘Oh god I feel like I’m about to break my neck and my back.’ And it was the perfect bump because he laid me out flat. But I had never been picked up like that, being a big guy. He’s a freak, like John Cena in his own way, but even bigger and more genetically gifted. He’s a monster.”

Below is what he said about Lesnar’s behaviour outside the ring:

“I wasn’t as close with him because he was way ahead of me. He was head of the ring crew at that time, he was like the alpha male at OVW. He was never rude or mean to me, he was more of an outdoorsman and hunting guy, and I’m from the city so – I mean I’m an animal lover. I got cats and dogs. I didn’t have any heat or anything with him. Everyone knew he was gonna be a big impact in WWE because he had all the tools and skill set. College wrestler, that background and look, yeah.”

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